Archive / Audio / Mmes. Le Brocq, MacPherson and Meiklejohn

Interview number: 084

Interviewer: Thatcher, Mary

Interview date: 1980-07-04

Length 80 minutes

Condition notes: Recording starts after beginning of conversation, otherwise clean

Wives Betty Le Brocq (Police), Monica Macpherson (Army), Florence Mieklejohn (Forestry), in conversation with Mary Thatcher; they talk about some of the pleasures and difficulties of living there, the advantages of learning the local language, the customs (purdah), the climate, health (the lethargy), war work, traditions kept up after Independence, the poverty (and help), the devotion of servants, the rush to Partition.

Coverage notes: Bengal, Punjab, U.P., Assam; language; purdah; health (lethargy); war work; Partition; servants; homesickness; poverty; 1927-1948