Archive / Audio / Marshall D. Moran

Interview number: 038

Interviewer: Rawding, Major F.W.

Interview date: 1973-09

Length 96 minutes

Condition notes: Clean

Father Marshall Denis Moran, born 1906, Chicago [d. 1992]. Went to India in 1929, and was Rector of the Jesuit Fathers in Napal. He founded St Xavier’s, Godavari [Jawalakhel] and Patna schools and became a Nepali citizen in 1960. Here he talks about his work, about education in Nepal, foreign aid, the panchayat system, hydro-electric power and about Nepali society in general.

[More about St Xavier’s and Fr. Moran can be found by clicking here (taken from the diary of Fr. Downing)]

[The second part of this interview took place five months after the first, on January 25, 1974 at Godavari, Kathmandu.]

Coverage notes: aid from China, India; roads; panchayat; hydro-electric power; Kathmandu; Koirala; border problems; future; 1929-1974