Archive / Audio / M. Sykes

Interview number: 233

Interviewer: Gandhi, Arun

Interview date: 1969-08-20

Length 79 minutes

Condition notes: Beginning of both sides distorted due to absence of leader on original tapes.

Marjorie Sykes, educationist, author, talks of why she went to South India, the relative influences on her by her father and by Gandhi, Tagore’s Shantiniketan, Nagas, education and Nai Talim, and ecological farming.

Coverage notes: childhood; Cambridge University, Prof. Alec Wood; YMCA; culture; Madras; Rajaji, Tiruchengode; khadi; Harijans; ‘Harijan’; Tagore, Shantiniketan; basic education, Nai Talim; Tamil Nad; Sevagram; Adivasi; Gram Raj; Nagas, non-violence; Nilgiri Hills; land resources, ecological farming, balance of nature; 1911-1969