Archive / Audio / M.M. Stuart

Interview number: 051

Interviewer: Rawding, Maj. F.W.

Interview date: 1974

Length 78 minutes

Condition notes: Some background hiss and hum

Michael Moncrieff Stuart, CIE, OBE joined the Indian Civil Service in 1927. He served as District Magistrate, mostly in West Bengal; during the war, he was in Chittagong, and finally in Dacca, as Commissioner, after Partition. He claims not to recognise Partition as it has been recorded by historians.

  • In part (a) he reminisces about tracing and collecting private papers for the archives of the Centre of South Asian Studies
  • In part (b) he talks about life in the ICS
  • In part (c) he discusses Partition, and life in East Pakistan afterwards

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Coverage notes: archive collecting; Sub-Divisional Officers; District Officers; District Magistrates; ICS training; West Bengal; East Pakistan; Partition; Dacca; 1927-50