Archive / Audio / Lakshmiben

Interview number: 230

Interviewer: Gandhi, Arun

Interview date: 1969-01-00

Length 64 minutes

Condition notes: Slight background hiss; variable volume; background voices; recorder squeak in side(b); interview recorded in Gujarati – transcript is an edited English interpretation, presented in one part, which contains the text from both audio streams.

Lakshmiben, Gandhi’s adopted daughter of Moghabhai, an ‘untouchable’ from Bombay, talks, in Gandhi’s old Sevagram room, about untouchables, Gandhi’s rules and experiments, and life in ashrams and jails.

Coverage notes: Harijan; Thackerbapa; Moghabhi; Kochrab, Sabarmati ashrams; diet experiments; adoption; Gandhi’s threats; Brahmin; Bardoli; Ahmedabad; khadi; ashram regulations, possessions; sarees; white ants; morning prayers; jails, food; Kasturba; Sarojini; 1932-1948