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Interview number: 253

Interviewer: Gandhi, Arun

Interview date: 1970-09-06

Length 22 minutes

Condition notes: Volume variation; feedback squeal – 3 seconds removed at 16:16 and 2 seconds at 17:15; recorded in Hindi, loose interpretation, page timings approximate.

Kashivedi Panchal, 80-year-old freedom fighter/wife of school teacher, speaks briefly of her experience with the Freedom Movement in the early days.

Coverage notes: Madhya Bharat, Danasutha village, Ajmer; Charkha Sangh, Khadi, Swadeshi; education; processions; Ratlam; Chandmal Jain, Debi Singh; Uday Singh; Praja Mandal; ascetic ashram; Bombay; parsee; 1920-1932