Archive / Audio / K. (Kanubhai) Gandhi

Interview number: 247

Interviewer: Gandhi, Arun

Interview date: 1970-08-01

Length 39 minutes

Condition notes: Some external noise. Recorded in Hindi, with translated transcript. Page timings are approximate.

Kanubhai Gandhi, great-nephew of the Mahatma, tells how he came to work for him as his secretary, then describes Gandhi’s character, telling how, by his presence, he could restore and maintain local Hindu/Muslim harmony.

Coverage notes: Noakhali; Hindu/Muslim unity/conflict; Sabarmati, Sevagram; Rishikesh; Bihar, Bengal; Bakri Id; Rajkot, Porbander; Saurashtra; Kasturba; Laboratory of Truth; Dacca ashes; 1933-1978