Archive / Audio / K.B. Lall

Interview number: 219

Interviewer: Shanker, Uma

Interview date: 1983-02-26

Length 552 minutes

Condition notes: Noisy microphone/very weak signal; very loud, continuous buzz – from start to middle of side(d) and from middle of side(f) to the end – deteriorates very badly towards the end of the interview); recorded approx. 10% slow – adjusted approximately during digitisation; erratic speed at re-starts to middle of side(d); transcript not always consistent with the spoken word; 2.5 minutes of original transcript missing from start of side(g); 1 minute false start on side(j)

K.B. Lall, ICS/diplomat, talks at length about the ICS before and after Quit India, post-Partition, integration of the Princely States, Matsya Union and Madhya Bharat, as Ambassador during British E.E.C. negotiations, and the 1970 Indo-Pakistan War.

Coverage notes: Madhya Pradesh; Amroati, Yeotmal; Delhi; Partition; Princely States; Matsya, Madhya Bharat; E.E.C. Ambassador; Satyagraha, Khadi, Swadeshi; sharbat; ICS ‘Family’; village dai; Bengal famine; jute, gunny bags; mufti; Jama Masjid; gandasas; khansama; RSS; Meos; Godse; Administrator; patwaris; janta; IAS, IPS; Katju; economy; GATT; Commonwealth/Community; Macmillan, Heath; East Pakistan, 1970; ‘Gharibi Hatao’; Bhutto; Yahya Khan; Bangladesh; Awami League; refugees; Siliguri Neck; Mukti Bahini; China; Kissinger; General Niazi; Dacca; Fermani Ali; Sam Manikshaw; Sardar Patel; ICS; Menon; Morarji Desai; STC; manganese ore; vegetarian hospitality; artificial silk; Shikar; Praja Mandal; 1927-1972