Archive / Audio / K.B. CARTER

Interview number: 033

Interviewer: Rawding, Maj. F.W.

Interview date: 1973-12-20

Length 56 minutes

Condition notes: Physical distortion of the tape caused it to jam, and digitisation had to be made in three passes and joined electronically. Nothing lost from the original and the problem manifests only as short pauses at 20:50 and 43:20; it may have run 2-3% slow.

Mrs Kathleen Carter, wife first of an engineer, later of a tea planter, gives reminiescences of her life in India. A retired cheese-maker, Mrs Carter talks of everyday life, cheese-making, Todas, and more.

Coverage notes: Ootacamund; everyday life; cheese making; attitudes; climate; Todas; food; language; 1901-1973