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Interview number: 009

Interviewer: de Caro, F. and Jordan, R.

Interview date: 1978

Length 137 minutes

Condition notes: Beginning and end of all three tapes are missing [these tapes are copies of the originals made by deCaro/Jordan] but the transcript of the original is complete except for the introduction and part of the final anecdotal reminiscence

John Masters (1914-1983) was an English officer in the British Army, and a novelist. His works are noted for their treatment of the British Empire. Probably his best-known work is ‘Bhowani Junction’, dealing with the Partition of India and the Anglo-Indian community.

[For a full list of Masters’ books and more about his life see also:- Wikipedia]

Coverage notes: ‘Bhowani Junction’ etc.; GHQ MO1; foreign policy adviser to Government of India; fictional characters reflect life in India during the British Raj; 1930 – 1978