Archive / Audio / J.P. Narayan

Interview number: 235

Interviewer: Gandhi, Arun

Interview date: 1969-03-00

Length 79 minutes

Condition notes: Beginning of both sides distorted due to absence of leader on original tapes.

J.P. Narayan, politician/author, talks of Marxist Socialism, his early contacts with Gandhi, and describes in detail his escape from Hazaribagh Central prison and again in the Nepal Terai;

Coverage notes: darshan, kisans, Kala Pani, Diwali, dhotis; Bihar; Marxian Socialism; Independence, Partition; Gandhi described; Dubcek; Congress; WWII; fascism; Stalin’s Communism; democracy, freedom; ‘Harijan’; Deoli concentration camp; jail-break; Azad Dastas; Terai of Nepal; Rana Government; Gurkhas; Subedar; Bada Hakim; Mogulpura; Lahore Fort; Pratap Singh; Patwardhan, Arun Ali, Lohia; 1920-1946