Archive / Audio / J.P. Mills

Interview number: 087

Interviewer: Thatcher, Mary

Interview date: 1981-06-30

Length 64 minutes

Condition notes: Ticking clock audible until [04:20] on part 1, deliberate break in recording at [04:30] on part 2

Mrs. Mills was from a family very distinguished in India since about 1800. Her husband, Philip, was in the ICS from 1913 and latterly was Political Advisor to the Governor of Assam.

[an obituary can be found at: JSTOR]

Coverage notes: Political Advisor, Assam; relatives; Kohima, Mokochung, Lushai, Gopalpur; earthquake houses; touring; children; war work, ciphers, Red Cross, SPCA (ponies); language; illnesses; Anglo-Indians; missionaries; widows; poverty; rail travel; Independence; 1930-1947