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Interview number: 065

Interviewer: Thatcher, Mary

Interview date: 1974-10-15

Length 80 minutes

Condition notes: Introduction a little woolly, otherwise clean.

Cogent and insightful account of the spirit of India. 1905-1911 as a child, daughter of Sir Montagu Butler, Governor of Central Provinces, and 1922-1942 as an Indian Army (eventually Governor’s bodyguard) wife. Particularly strong on Memsahibs’ motivations and restrictions.

Coverage notes: family connections; childhood parting; language; I.C.S., 1930’s decline, Independence; purdah; dustoor/dastur; relations with servants; Delhi, Simla; Kipling era; good works, child welfare, protocol; likes and dislikes; Memsahibs in India; 1922-1942