Archive / Audio / I. Patel

Interview number: 179

Interviewer: Shanker, Uma

Interview date: 1972-12-25

Length 39 minutes

Condition notes: Microphone noise.

I. Patel, Vice-Chancellor of Gujarat University in Ahmedabad, talks of his experiences and perceptions of the Freedom Fight and the impact of Gandhi’s teachings two decades on, both in Gujarat and the rest of India.

Coverage notes: Khaira, Gujarat, Baroda, Nadiad Taluka, Bombay Province; Pij, Anand, Borsad, Vallabhvidyanagar; Satyagraha, Salt, Dandi; plague; agents provocateurs; dynamite, gun-powder; Defence of India rules, Sabarmati detinue; Gandhi impact; independence, liberation, education (Nai Talim), money; Adivasis; 1930-1972