Archive / Audio / Hoshiyariben

Interview number: 231

Interviewer: Gandhi, Arun

Interview date: 1969-02-00

Length 49 minutes

Condition notes: Background hiss; volume variation; recorded in Hindi – transcript is an English interpretation; approximate page timings. Transcript is in one part only, but covers both audio streams.

Hoshiyariben, Punjabi plague widow, talks of Gandhi’s way of dealing with people, his support for her and her young son and starting her on a career in natural healing at his clinic at Uruli, and of his premonition of death.

Coverage notes: Punjabi; Gandhi; plague; Uruli; Sevagram; day of silence; Nai Talim; January 30th; premonition; Chapter 12, Gita; 13 days’ mourning; Ramayana; Khadi Vidyalaya; nature cure; Brahma Sutra; midwifery; nimb leaves; haemoglobin; Triveni sangam; lying in state; 1940-1948