Archive / Audio / Hansa Mehta

Interview number: 119

Interviewer: Shanker, Uma, Mary

Interview date: 1969-09-10

Length 48 minutes

Condition notes: Poor quality: suspect original recording quality – sizzling; poor storage (reeled too loosely) causing tape to warp badly, both laterally and longitudinally – erratic volume.

Mrs. Hansa Mehta, very distinguished educationalist and social worker, describes some of her many Indian, International, and British public service enterprises, to improve the lot of Indian women, 1930 to 1963.

Coverage notes: Dandi, Salt Law; Satyagraha; Desh Sevikas; Congress; Quit India; UN, Human Rights; UNESCO, education; Soroptimist Club; immigrants; literacy; social welfare; Baroda University, vocational training; Hindu Code; Harijan equality; women’s equality, status; Bal Bhavans; 1930-1963