Archive / Audio / H.M. Joshi

Interview number: 126

Interviewer: Shanker, Uma

Interview date: 1970-04-08

Length 239 minutes

Condition notes: Microphone handling/switching noises.

H.M. Joshi, veteran freedom fighter, was part founder, MD, chief editor of the Congress Party daily ‘Lok Shakta’, was research officer for the State Committee of History of Freedom Movement, and was author of a biography of Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan (Badshah Khan or Frontier Gandhi). Here he describes the political scene in Maharashtra in the late ’20s to late ’40s and the intervening struggles.

Coverage notes: political scene; Satyagrahas; Tilak – ‘Kesri’; ‘Tarun Bharat’; communalism; press propaganda; jail; Maharashtra, Deccan States; RSS; Brahmins; Badshah Khan/Frontier Gandhi; Thakurdwar incident; Kher; 1894-1970