Archive / Audio / G.P. Pradhan

Interview number: 155

Interviewer: Shanker, Uma

Interview date: 1970-08-13

Length 65 minutes

Condition notes: Signal fluctuates between LH and RH channel bias and balance.

G.P. Pradhan, Fergusson College (Poona) lecturer and Praja Socialist, describes his introduction to the Congress Socialist Party, his connection with the Freedom Movement, his decision to concentrate on an academic life, and later his return to politics.

Coverage notes: Marxism, Communism; Gandhian philosophy; Bharatiya Sanskriti; Rashtriya Seva Dal; jail; Aruna Asif Ali; shramdan; Tilak biography, Bhagwat, Javdekar; Sadhana; Samaj Prabodhan Sanstha; Prof. Gokhale; British leaders; Russian revolution; Democratic Socialism; 1939-1970