Archive / Audio / G.L. Mehta

Interview number: 168

Interviewer: Shanker, Uma

Interview date: 1970-08-07/1971-10-02

Length 100 minutes

Condition notes: Part 2 becomes almost single channel half way through. Noisy microphone and switch.

G.L. Mehta, journalist, author, economist, Ambassador, businessman, talks about Indian leaders, his time as Ambassador to the U.S.A., and Indian attitudes to the British and their Institutions

Coverage notes: ‘Bombay Chronicle’; Padma Vibhushan; Indian leaders; Chambers of Commerce; Institutes of Technology; ‘New Statesman’; Legislative Assembly; Constituent Assembly; Diwans, Bhavnagar; Tariff Board; Cabinet offers; Planning Commission; Industry; First Plan; achkan; ‘Understanding India’; India League; ‘Parliamentary Practice’; John Stuart Mill; 1915-1971