Archive / Audio / G. CAPTAIN

Interview number: 122

Interviewer: Shanker, Uma

Interview date: 1970-05-16

Length 110 minutes

Condition notes: Two audio streams created from original 14 part recording. Frequent, noisy, microphone switching.

Mrs. Goshiben Captain, one of the famous Naoroji Sisters, granddaughters of Dadabhai Naoroji (the Grand Old Man of India), tells Uma Shanker of her activities in the Freedom Movement, Desh Sevikas (the women’s wing of the satyagrahis) in the Civil Disobedience Movement, the Bombay Pradesh Congress Committee, the All-India Village Industries and the Hindustani Prachar Sabha.

[See also Indianet article on the Naoroji Sisters]

[Mrs. Captain was 86 years old at the time of recording – she tires towards the end. Frequent, noisy, microphone switching.]

Coverage notes: Freedom Movement since 1911; women satyagrahis; Bombay Pradesh Congress Committee; All-India Village Industries Board, Khadi; Hindustani Prachar Sabha; Gandhi Seva Sena; Naoroji Sisters; 1863-1970