Archive / Audio / G. BROKER

Interview number: 150

Interviewer: Carter, Dr Lionel J.

Interview date: 1983-07-12

Length 77 minutes

Condition notes: Microphone noise

G. Broker, a notable Gujarati author, describes his recruitment of freedom struggle volunteers in the A and C wards of Bombay, the people he met in jails and his awakening to a literary career whilst there, some of the characters he met in the BPCC, Gandhi’s influence on Gujarati life and literature, and Indian attitudes to the British and British institutions.

Coverage notes: PEN; INC; AICC; BPCC; Salt Satyagraha; ‘dictator’, President; Communists; jail life; writing; Gandhi, Nehru; Dixit, Meherally; Vile Parle; post 1947; Gandhi effect; Gujarat, language; women’s liberation; British people, institutions; 1928-1970