Archive / Audio / Florence Meiklejohn

Interview number: 078

Interviewer: Thatcher, Mary

Interview date: 1979-07-17

Condition notes: At the end of part 1 it is obvious that this interview was over-recorded on a tape previously used to record a radio programme – that part of the tape has not been included here. Both sides have some background hum.

Another in the Mary Thatcher ‘Women in India’ series. Florence Meiklejohn, wife of ‘Mick’ (W.), Indian Forestry Service Officer (eventually Conservator of Bengal Forests, Darjeeling, and finally setting up a new Forest Division on the Burma border) tells of what life was like for her accompanying him on his tours in Indian forests, a rather lonely life, and discusses a wide range of other topics including her Red Cross work during the War.

See also: Meiklejohn Papers and Cine Films in the CSAS Archives. Hear also: recording 084 (the Mmes. Le Brocq, Macpherson, Meiklejohn)

Coverage notes: Shillong, Kuchigong, Abbottabad, Manipur, N.W.F.P.; touring; forests; living off the land; elephants; social life and change; Independence Day; War; Red Cross; 1900-1948