Archive / Audio / F.V. Rodrigues

Interview number: 109

Interviewer: Shanker, Uma

Interview date: 1969-07-21

Length 29 minutes

Condition notes: Clean

Mr. Felix Valois Rodrigues, a Goan Journalist, tells of the freedom struggle by the people of Portuguese Goa from 1946, when he set up a branch of the Goa Youth League in Karachi, his jail experiences, and the prime movers towards Goan liberation at the end of 1961.

Coverage notes: toddy tappers’ strikes; Goa youth; ‘Swatantra’, ‘Prakash’; Asolna, Malgaon, Aguada, Belgaum, Panjim; Arzain Monteiro; Portuguese enclaves; Shakuntala; Vigyan Bhavan; armed force; 1890-1961