Archive / Audio / F.C.C. EDMONDS

Interview number: 042

Interviewer: Carter, Dr Lionel J.

Interview date: 1983-08-02

Length 82 minutes

Condition notes: [Good condition, but hesitant delivery.]

Mr. F.F.C. Edmonds being interviewed by Dr. Lionel Carter at the Centre of South Asian Studies, 02-09-83.

[Mr. Edmonds was not completely happy with the outcome of the interview tape, and wrote and tape-recorded a ‘statement’ (14-11-83) of what he considered to be a more cogent version of the things he had wanted to say.

When this digitisation of the Centre’s oral archive was being undertaken, however, it was considered better to include that interview in preference to a monologue recording of the statement by Mr. Edmonds.

For completeness however, and (possibly) for clarity, a transcript of that statement has been included as an addendum.]See also: Edmonds Papersfor the reports referred to in the recordings.

Coverage notes: Bangalore, Mysore; education; examinations; Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate; Anglo-Indians, their history, education, discrimination; Gidney, Anthony; English versus Hindi; 1929-1947