Archive / Audio / E. Ross

Interview number: 057

Interviewer: Thatcher, Mary

Interview date: 1974-08-15

Length 59 minutes

Condition notes: Side (a) clean; side (b) probably a re-recording from speaker to mic. Original is lost.

Mrs. Eve Ross, speaking to Mary Thatcher about her nursing experiences in United Provinces, 1941-1946.

[ See also: Archive papers collection for her donation to CSAS, of 271 very interesting, personal, letters home during that period (as Miss Eve Croydon). The first letter describes the sinking of her ship out to India (the Britannia) by enemy action, and her subsequent rescue. ]

Coverage notes: nursing experiences in Akbarpur; motivation; isolation; awful conditions; orphanage; plague; Sister Tutor, Mayo, Lahore; 1941-1946