Archive / Audio / D.R. GOLE

Interview number: 140

Interviewer: Shanker, Uma

Interview date: 1970-05-29

Length 66 minutes

Condition notes: Microphone handling/switching noises.

Professor Damodar Ramchandra Gole, a lecturer in geography in S.P. [Sir Parshurambhau] College, Poona University, describes his activities in the Quit India movement in 1942, in the Indian Army at the end of the second World War, as an Officer in the J&K (Jammu & Kashmir) Militia in 1948-49, and the Goa Liberation movement in 1953-54.

Coverage notes: ‘Quit India’, ’42; Indian Army, ’45; Jammu & Kashmir Militia vs. Pakistan, ’48-’49; Goa Liberation, ’53-’54; sabotage, famine, revenge; Bevin Training Scheme; I.N.A., R.I.N.; 1942-1954