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Interview number: 170

Interviewer: Shanker, Uma

Interview date: 1972-03-15

Length 83 minutes

Condition notes: Machinery hum throughout side(a) and for the first half of side(b)

Dr. D.N. Pai, Professor of Medicine, Bombay, talks engagingly about his part in destroying electricity pylons in the Bombay area during 1942 and in detail about his escape from Karjat jail.

Coverage notes: electricity pylons; V.J.T.I.; Kotwal; Wangni; Ram Lal; Adivasis, Katkaris; Anna; Matheran; Shailar; Siddhagarh; Madho Ashram; Pydhoni; Karjat; pavada songs, tuntuna; Byculla; mamlatdar; baghoda; kanji, monghas; ghorpad; Padma Shri; 1942-1945