Archive / Audio / D. BHARATI

Interview number: 252

Interviewer: Unknown

Interview date: 1970-09-06

Length: 35 minutes

Condition notes: Slight volume variation; recorded in Hindi, free interpretation, English transcript, page timings approximate.

D. Bharati, politician, recalls how he was drawn into politics, his part in the Home Rule movement and some of the main characters in Ratlam and Indore also involved in the Independence Movement.

Coverage notes: Ratlam; Indore; Rajasthan Seva Mandal; Seth, gold ring; Khadi, the poor; patriotism; Maharajah; Princely States; constructive work; Congress; Dharmik Satyagraha; Black Cell; Hindu Sabha; Rashtriya Sangh; hartal; Praja Mandal; 1918-1947