Archive / Audio / Col. J.S. Lord

Interview number: 068

Interviewer: Thatcher, Mary and Professor Ellinwood

Interview date: 1975-02-07

Length 51 minutes

Condition notes: Some electrical interference (with audible leaching), mic. too distant, heavy-traffic noises off.

An Indian Army Officer (124th Baluchistan Infantry) Col. Lord is interviewed here by Professor Ellinwood (Albany, NY) and Mary Thatcher, and tells of his experiences of the Army in India and Persia during the First World War, including a chilling anecdote of the infamous influenza.

[See also: (and 8mm cinĂ© films, available for viewing at CSAS, as at Feb, ’07)]

Coverage notes: 124th Baluchistan Regiment; Quetta; VCOs; Language; Persia; Bushehr; influenza; Army life; 1915-1919