Archive / Audio / C. Mehta

Interview number: 256

Interviewer: Not known

Interview date: 1970-09-14

Length 42 minutes

Condition notes: Volume variations; un-clear speech; post-recording tape damage (mostly un-listenable) between about 05 and 08 minutes; recorded in Hindi, English transcript, page timings approximate

C. Mehta, lawyer, gives his view of the atrocities suffered and the people involved during the fight for freedom in the State of Ratlam.

Coverage notes: Ratlam; Praja Mandal; Jhava; Haripura Congress; Debi Singh; Major Shivji; police treatment; jail conditions; hunger strikes; general strike; cholera, typhoid; Gandhi; Munshi; Maharajah; Diwan; Khan brothers; Hindu/Muslim unity; People’s Council; State Constitution; Bhatti; 1920-1947