Archive / Audio / C.K. Narayanswami

Interview number: 120

Interviewer: Shanker, Uma

Interview date: 1969-09-14

Length 127 minutes

Condition notes: Parts 1 & 2 are from a badly distorted/degraded reel-tape; also minor recording problems and two abrupt part-endings (loss of brittle reel-tape-ends)

C.K. Narayanswami, a noted journalist, describes the freedom struggle in the Bombay area. He concentrates on the spreading of Congress ideals among the working classes and the part played by Communists.

Coverage notes: freedom struggle, Bombay; Congress ideals, working class; Communist activities; No-Changers; Untouchables; Hindu-Muslim Unity; inter-dining, temple-entry; Parel; Dange; Imperialist; rights, bourgeoisie; mass movements; Socialist disunity, Marxism; M.N. Roy; Bose; Jinnah; Koran; 1921-1949