Archive / Audio / C. Joshi

Interview number: 174

Interviewer: Shanker, Uma

Interview date: 1972-12-14

Length 57 minutes

Condition notes: Poor quality recording; noisy microphone, volume variation, unclear speech, unclear English; audio break of 20 seconds at 09:18 in side(b); poor quality transcript typing

C. Joshi, Gandhi disciple, describes life with Gandhi in the Sabarmati ashram and in the Yeravada jail, and in doing so he gives in an insight into Gandhi’s personality.

Coverage notes: Sabarmati; Yeravada; constructive work; Harijan uplift; ‘Young Editor’; khichri; drugget; samuha; halpatis; Vedchhi; takli; Gita; sarpanches, mukhis, kopin; Wireless Hansraj; maalish, kalam; Dwarka, Brahmin; turban, chandan; Pujaries; Kasturba Memorial Fund; Harijan Sewak; 1920-1970