Archive / Audio / C.J. Pelly

Interview number: 012

Interviewer: DeCaro, F. and Jordan, R.

Interview date: 1978-02-15

Length 94 minutes

Condition notes: Digitised from audio cassette copy of original.

Very wide-ranging discussion of an Englishman’s life in the Indian Civil and Political Services, and observations of India in general.

Coverage notes: Punjab, Dalhousie, Bhadarwah (Sialkot), Dera Ghazi Khan, Insalcot, Bahawalpur; Victorian traditions, systems; Colonization; Loya Jirgas; Triple Project – canals; ceremony, protocol; social life; precedence, rank, hierarchy; obedience, obeisance; children’s education; young man’s India; ‘village uplift’; eccentrics; 1931-1955