Archive / Audio / B.V.. Shikhare

Interview number: 157

Interviewer: Shanker, Uma

Interview date: 1970-08-24

Length 39 minutes

Condition notes: Occasional long pauses and unclear speech.

B.V. (Tatya) Shikhare, veteran Congress worker, talks about the struggle for responsible government in the Deccan States, collection of material for the ‘History of the Freedom Movement’, the Boodan Movement, and the Gandhi Sewak Samaj.

Coverage notes: Deccan States; Sangli, Kolhapur, Miraj; History of Freedom Movement; Boodan Movement; pad-yatra; Gandhi Smarak Nidhi; Gandhi Sevak Samaj; ‘Kesari’; Aundh State; Gram Panchayat; Gram-dan; Servants of India Society; Chowdhuri; responsible government; 1908-1970