Archive / Audio / B.R. DHURANDHAR

Interview number: 101

Interviewer: Shanker, Uma

Interview date: 1969-06-17

Length 98 minutes

Condition notes: Recording speed brief fluctuations, page 2, part 1(b); occasional sudden volume changes.

Bhalchandra Dhurandhar, newspaper correspondent, gives an eye-witness account of the Lahore Congress Session of 1929, the Dandi march of 1930, the Gandhi 21-day fast of 1933, and the All-India Congress sessions at Faizpur, Haripura and Tripura, 1937-9.

Coverage notes: Dandi march; satyagraha; sedition; Lahore Congress, Declaration of Independence; Naidu; Bhave; Tayabi; terrorist activities, Punjab, Bengal; 21 days fast, Poona; Salt Tax; Round Table; All-India; non-violence; ashram; Khadi; Poorna Swaraj; Lord Irwin; Bose; 1920-1940