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Interview number: 141

Interviewer: Shanker, Uma

Interview date: 1970-05-23

Length 263 minutes

Condition notes: [Side 1: the original recording is very intermittent stereo (LH track missing for long periods) – for improved listening, it has been re-recorded here, in stereo from a mono player, with corresponding on-the-fly volume adjustments. Some start/stop noises. Speech slow, long pauses and unclear in places.]

B.M. Gupte, one time member of both the Swaraj and Congress Parties, describes the political scene from 1918 to 1958, his part in the Freedom Fight, and his distressed view of India in 1970.

Coverage notes: Poona, Bombay, Maharashtra; Swaraj; Congress; Rajya Sabha; Lok Sabha; Home Rule; Tilak, Gandhi, Nehru; deafness, health; pleader; gram panchayat; styagraha; Brahminism; detinue, jails; sedition, 124-A; Munshi, Kher; Hindi; Section 93; Peasants and Workers; States Reorganisation; Excise Duty; family; housing; Constitution; Dominion; today; 1918-1970