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Interview number: 237

Interviewer: Gandhi, Arun

Interview date: 1970-01-26

Length 96 minutes

Condition notes: Poor recording; read throughout, possibly by Arun Gandhi; side(a) – nearly 2 minutes missing just after start (re-read by Ivan Coleby); sides(b)&(c) – recorded at wildly varying tape speeds and mostly un-listenable (limited speed adjustments made).

B.C. Dutt, naval rating on the HMIS Talwar, gives a detailed account of the Indian Navy Mutiny of February, 1946, in Bombay, from the initial stirrings, through the strike, the fighting, and the surrender.

Coverage notes: HMIS Talwar; Castle Barracks; Bombay; R.I.N. history; Sepoy Mutiny; Azad Hind Fauz (I.N.A.); Azad Hindi; WWII; Burma; Tommies; treason; I.N.C.; Navy Day; food, discontent, subversion; non-violence; N.C.S.C.; Gandhi, Jinnah, Chundrigar, Nehru, Sardar Patel, Aruna Asaf Ali; Rattray, King, Inigo-Jones; WRINs; Congress/League; ‘Free Press Journal’; M.S. Khan, Madan Singh; Indian Army, Air Force; ‘Hindu-Muslim Ek Ho’; tied flags; Vice-Admiral Godfrey, FOCRIN; Oerlikons; communalism; ‘Jai Hind’; Karachi; Gurkhas; Partition; February 1946