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Interview number: 163 Interviewer: Shanker, Uma Interview date: 1970-09-01

Length 472 minutes

Condition notes: Part 1 has accidental silence etc. recorded – kept on archive copy, removed for web use; part 2 suffers from tape-drive slip – kept on archive copy, improved on-the-fly for web use; whole recording has occasional distortion and low volume, fluctuating channel imbalance, and noisy mic. switch; sides (h), (i), (j), are now joined together as part eight of this digitised copy

Abid Ali, politician, talks at length of his life as a leading freedom fighter, trades union and workers’ welfare man, Member of Parliament, Deputy Minister for Labour, and membership of the I.L.O. and Rajya Sabha.

Coverage notes: Azadi; Congress Party; Prasad, Patel, Bajaj, Gandhi, Nehru, Ansari, Bhave, Vidyalenkar, Nanda, Roy, Robert, Zafar; kisans, taluka; Khilafat; jails; shlokas, Janmashti; purdah, Bi Ammah; charkha sangh; bajri roti, jaggery; Sikh jathas; Muslims, Hindus; gali; Azad Hind Fauj; communists; communalists; trades unions; strikes; ILO; AITUC; INTUC; BEST; ICFTU: Rajya Sabha; Provident Fund; land reforms; Mushaira; mundan; Dharavi; World Wars I and II; ulemas, mullas; Pakistan; majlis; Jan Sangh; pathshalas, madrisas; gherao; Britishers; Aryans, Parsees, immigrants; parwachan; Paunar; chakki; neem; Wardha Ashram; 1918-1970