Archive / Audio / A.S. Robertson

Interview number: 020

Interviewer: Self, and Farmer, B.J.

Interview date: 1976/79

Length 419 minutes

Condition notes: Quality of master tape recording not good – distortion whenever the tape is restarted during recording, and at other irregular times, and plenty of microphone handling noises; stretched-tape distortion (squeal) towards the end of part 11.

A very interesting and detailed account of many aspects of the life and work of a tea planter. Travancore State, Calcutta, Darjeeling, N.W.F.P. Recorded by A.S. Robertson and his son, A.F. Robertson. (1976 and 1979).

There are three glossaries provided for this interview in the form of appendices: (i) of some proper names and Indian terms used in the interview; (ii) of people and company names mentioned; and (iii) of tea-planting phrases and technical terms.

Coverage notes: tea production; James Finlay and Co.; journey out; High Range; Munaar; Ghats; Calcutta; Ootacamund; Coonoor; Travancore; Guderale; Gundumalay; clubs; caste; Kanan Devan Hills; Nilgiri Hills; licensing; working conditions; war; 1922-1947