Archive / Audio / A.S. Limaye

Interview number: 152

Interviewer: Shanker, Uma

Interview date: 1970-07-11

Length 27 minutes

Condition notes: Some microphone noises.

Mrs. A.S. Limaye, teacher, social worker and politician, describes her constructive activities within the Rashtriya Seva Dal, the Samaj-wadi Mahila Sabha, and the Women’s wing of the Praja Socialist Party to uplift the lower middle class women and women labourers of India.

[See also: 128 Shri Shribau Limaye, her husband]

Coverage notes: Rashtriya Seva Dal; Sane Guruji; Ranade; Samaj-wadi Mahila Sabha; Nav-Bharatiya; bhoodan (land gift); Nag-Panchami; work camps; tamasha; Cultural Squad; Industrial Women’s Cooperatve Society; Goa liberation; Kibbutz, Moshars; Samyukt Maharashtra; 1942-1970