Archive / Audio / A.S.J. BHAGWAT

Interview number: 139

Interviewer: Shanker, Uma

Interview date: 1970

Length 94 minutes

Condition notes: Very slow delivery with some very long (20 seconds) pauses; noisy start/stop switch.

A.S.J. Bhagwat, education and culture specialist, took a prominent role in the Satyagraha Movement and tells of his work and colleagues, especially in the educational and cultural fields.

Coverage notes: Wardha Scheme, Nai Talim; Brahmins, Peshwas; Gandhi, Vedanta; Aurobindo, Tilak; Maratha Princes; Sanskrit, Devnagari; Naik; Guruji; Deo; Vidyapith; khadi vidyalaya; ashram; uplift; 1921-1970