Archive / Audio / A. Moffatt

Interview number: 077

Interviewer: Thatcher, Mary

Interview date: 1979-05

Length 39 minutes

Condition notes: Clean

Part of Mary Thatcher’s ‘Women in India’ questionnaire series. Mrs. Moffatt, of Gullane, Scotland, responded to the questionnaire by recording on tape, in May, 1979, her memories of India as the wife of a Kumauni Army wife.

[The CSAS archive cassette tape is an analogue copy of that recording. On the original of part 2, Mrs. Moffatt inadvertently re-reads a section of her prepared script already recorded on part 1 {26:39 to 27:50} – that section &123;from 01:46&125; has been removed from part 2 of this digitised copy.]

Coverage notes: conditions, illnesses; accommodation, daily life; babies, children, parting; Bareilly, Pachmarhi, Nowgong; painting, money; war; 1921-1942