Archive / Audio / A. and W. HEWLETT

Interview number: 085

Interviewer: Thatcher, Mary

Interview date: 1980-07-03

Length 71 minutes

Condition notes: Some hum throughout, and occasional variances in channel volume. Part 2 recording starts after conversation recommences.

Mr. A. (Bertie) and Mrs. Winifred Hewlett talking about engineering manufacture (mainly for the railway industry) and their life generally, in India, 1928-1946. lluminating account of life and practices in railway engineering factories, and in particular the difficult times of circa 1942

Coverage notes: Calcutta, Kanchrapara; Eastern Bengal Railway; Indian Stores Department; Alfred Herbert, Spencer Moulton, India Rubber Manf., Indian Malleable Castings; jobs, conditions, pensions; 1928-1946