Showers Family

Showers Family Papers: Box 8

Rajputana, Nepal, Baluchistan: 1872-1913

Showers Family Papers: Box 7

Rajputana, Nepal, Baluchistan: 1872-1913

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Showers Family Papers: Box 6

Envelope A:

  1. TS article ‘Sedition in India’, by Major H.L. Showers, submitted to Maga (Blackwoods) and refused; dated London, 15 February 1908. 32 pp. Also 1(a) – 1(d) letters from A. Martindale, 27 February 1908; William Blackwood, 4 and 15 August 1908; Sir Charles Crosthwaite, 8 August 1908: all referring to this article.
  2. Several cuttings from The Times, 1908 referring to India and Asia and sedition particularly.
  3. Three papers (3a – 3c) by Mrs. Christian Showers: Baluchistan. 5 pp.; A tour in Mekran 1903. 6 pp.; The holy valley (life in Nepal 1912-14). 22 pp.

Envelope B:

Miscellaneous papers belonging to Colonel L.J.G. Showers, relating to Colonel H.L. Showers:

  1. Letter from George W. Hayward to Colonel H.L. Showers from Gilgit about expedition in Pamirs. 17 February 1870.
  2. Extract about another expedition to the sources of the Touse on the southern face of the Baring.
  3. MS on blue foolscap paper in the writing of an old person (shaky hand), “A letter from the people & Baba Loke of India to ….. John Bull of Englishstan”.
  4. Copy of Mrs. Showers’ article “The Holy Valley – impressions of Nepal” printed in The “Khaki” Calendar of Naval and Military Events, September 1916.
  5. MS on the same blue paper and same writing as the previous item (3) entitled “Notes, explanations and remarks on each of the places mentioned in the route map”, together with a paper, “A rough sketch of Chylass, Ghilghit, Iskardo and Leh”.
  6. Article from the Imperial Gazetteer of Baluchistan, called “Gabrbands in Baluchistan”, by E. Hughes Buller. 1906.
  7. Article in The Indiaman, 5 November 1915 called “New recruiting fields: the Baluchi and Rajput Tribesmen”, by Lt. Col. H.L. Showers.

Envelope C:

Papers relating to L.J. Showers:

  1. Letters from Colonel L.J. Showers to his mother written from India as Lieutenant in the lst Battalion lst Regiment King George’s Own Gurkha Rifles, March 1930. Dharmsala as Quartermaster; news of riots in Peshawar and Calcutta; goes to Amritsar to help the Government in keeping peace; 30 May 1930, account of mutiny of two Garhwalie platoons (and rioting in Peshawar) and dispersing of troops in the Punjab to restore and keep peace; description of moving regiment.
  2. Map of Amritsar drawn by L.J. Showers with picquets etc. for his signallers and description of how they kept order; in Amritsar for some time with regiment; daily life; heat; outbreaks of rioting; small arms school, Pahmali; panther shooting; 1931, Jula Talao Post Peshawar; describes the troubles round Peshawar in letter to Sir Norman – during the summer of 1930 and describes the methods of combating the raids (posts from the Khyber to Kohat) and roadmaking; announces he is to be adjutant.
  3. Group of Nepal letters in envelope – twenty years after his parents had been there.
  4. Miscellaneous letters undated. Rough sketch of Khajiri Field Force.

Envelope D:

  1. Xerox copy of Mrs. Christian Showers-Stirling’s notes on her life, begun 1960, corrections made 1969.
  2. Folder relating to to the death of Captain H. Showers in 1880:
    Letters to Edward Melian Showers in Bengal relating to his brother Howe’s death, 26 March 1880. (Captain H.F. Showers, 1st P.I.).

Showers Family Papers: Box 5

  1. “Resident’s personal file” :- (Major Showers’ personal papers):
  2. “Residency Jaipur”:- containing papers on the history, religious history and anthropology of Rajputana; also notes on the statues in the Residency gardens; a brief sketch of the Sheikhawati Federation (between Bikaner and Patiala North of Jaipur) and brief historical notes on Sheikhawah by the Nazim of Sheikhawah. MS.
  3. Envelope containing 37 items:-

Showers Family Papers: Box 4

Personal files of Captain H.L. Showers kept while he was Political Agent:

  1. Baluchistan Agency, 1898-99. Takes over in March 1898 from Captain M.A. Tighe, in Karachi. Transferred to Zhob as Political Assistant, September 1898 (Political Agent 1899). Consists of pay slips, travelling allowances, leave, examinations, telegrams, etc. while Captain.
  2. Quetta, 1900. Peshin Agency personal file.
  3. Printed correspondence and reports about the Mekran border troubles, their history and consequences; Showers’ report of a tour of the district which is very detailed; appendices on geographical features etc. of the tour:
  4. Kalat Agency, 1901. Personal file:

Showers Family Papers: Box 3

Large letter book B – C.L. Showers:

(14 miscellaneous cuttings, unconnected with India, lie between the first five sheets.)


Showers Family Papers: Box 2

Envelope A – early history of Colonel H.L. Showers:

  1. Certificate of enrolment with Mussoorie Volunteer Rifle Corps. 1877-79.
  2. Copy of questions to be answered by a candidate for first appointment to a commission in the Auxiliary Forces. 6 May 1881.
  3. Copy of certificate of H.L. Showers’ studies at Dehru Dun and Landour School from H.A. Donald. 29 July 1879.
  4. Certificate of studies from H.A. Donald, Mussoorie. 20 July 1880.
  5. Letter from H.L. Showers in 9th Foot (Norfolk Regiment) attached to the 17th B.N.I. from Suakin, Sudan, 25 March 1885, to his father. Describes an engagement in which the B.N.I. gave way and asks why this was. (copy) 4 pp.
  6. TS copy of part of another letter from H.L. Showers, 15 April 1885, to his father.
  7. MS letter from C.L. Showers, to H.L., 3 December 1887, about oratory.
  8. MS letter from H.L. Showers to his father from Buklol, 27 December 1886.
  9. Letter from H.L. Showers to his father, 25 December 1889, Rajputana, about promotion and trying to get into the Political Service; sets out his qualifications.
  10. An epilogue to be spoken at a play; a song written on board R.M.S. Oriental, 26 March 1891.
  11. Collection of nine miscellaneous letters to H.L. Showers and his father.

Envelope B – contains notes etc. on the lives of various members of the Showers family:

  1. Envelope containing extract (copy) of a letter about Colonel (later Brigadier) St. G.D. Showers written 14 August 1857, and his exploits during the siege of Delhi.
  2. Unnamed, undated extract MS about Colonel Showers during siege of Delhi.
  3. MS copy of extract of dispatches relating to the death of Captain C.L. Showers of the 19th Regiment Bengal Infantry, in the attack on Malown on 15 April 1815.
  4. Newspaper cutting from The Statesman October 1833 about the credit due to Captain C.L. Showers rather than General Ochterlony for the success of the assault on Malown.
  5. Photograph of Captain C.L. Showers’ memorial tablet in St. John’s Church, Calcutta.

Large letter book A – Lt. Gen. C.L. Showers:

Contains largely the MS material referred to in his pamphlets and book A missing chapter of the Indian mutiny – the letters and statements in support of his action at Neemuch and Neembahera in 1857, which actions led to his dismissal from the Political Service, and transfer to the Military:


Showers Family Papers: Box 1

Items 1 – 17: Xerox copies of seventeen letters from Colonel Howe Showers, 1826-28, to his son, later Major General St. George Showers, written after the father had become ill at Allahabad and was on his way home down the Ganges, first to Calcutta and then to England, where he was soon to die. The letters are purely personal, and admonitary, and reflect anxiety about promotion and preferment, and the necessity of good behaviour and patronage to obtain both.

Printed papers about Lt. Gen. C.L. Showers:

  1. Newspaper cutting from The Home News 27 September 1895, with obituary of Lt. Gen. Charles Lionel Showers.
  2. Memorandum of Colonel C.L. Showers’ services in the Political Department, 14 pp.
  3. Memorandum on Colonel C.L. Showers (regarding his removal from the Political Service). 18 pp.
  4. Appendix to the memorandum above, pp. 27-49. Reprints of letters etc., about Colonel Showers’ action at Neemuch and Neembahera.
  5. Proposal of a plan for remodelling the Government of India by Captain Charles Showers, Bengal Army, Political Agent for the States of Rajpootana (sic). London, 1853.
  6. ‘The Central Asian question’, by Charles Lionel Showers. London, 1873.
  7. ‘The Central Asian question and massacre at the Cabin Embassy’, by Major-General C.L. Showers. London, 1879.
  8. ‘Commercial treaties and foreign competition; a treatise on “fair trade”‘, by C. Halford Thompson. London, 1881.
  9. Indian history and Colonel G.B. Malleson, C.S.I. being a correspondence between the author of ‘Kaye re-written’ and Major-General C.L. Showers. London, 1881.
  10. a, b. The Cossack at the Gate of India by Lt. Gen. Showers. 2nd ed. London, 1885. (2 copies)
  11. Book: A missing chapter of the Indian mutiny by Lt. Gen. Lionel Showers. London, 1888.