Rawding Papers: Box 6

Given by Major Rawding

Account books of the Maharana of Mewar conducted by private banking agencies in Udaipur: 2 long leather bound books, 2 smaller loose leafed bundles of paper sewn one end. Paper, written in ink.

Rawding Papers: Box 5

Given by Major Rawding

Material given by Mrs. Ratnajit Singh, of Chapslee, Simla. (Mrs. Singh is the wife of Ratanjit Singh, the grandson of the Raja). Given November 1973.

Cash accounts and cash memos written in English, Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi referring to purchases made for the household of Raja Charajit Singh between 1933 and 1951.

  1. Chapslee Cooks account book, 20 October 1949.
  2. Cash book, 6 September 1949 – 18 October 1949. Daily accounts of every item used by cook and cost. Lists of what was packed in every trunk for Simla ? items and cost of Puja articles. Details of cost of travelling, train tickets, tongas, bus tickets, etc.
  3. Loose sheets sewn together with daily details of cash expenses, 15 September 1949 – 19 October 1949, a summary.
  4. General cash book, 2 June 1949 – 5 July 1949.
  5. Cash book in Hindi, 4 September 1949 – 30 September 1949.
  6. Cash book in Punjabi, English and Hindi ?January 1933.
  7. Cash book from 15-30 September 1949 by Manager Deewab Chand (in Punjabi).
  8. Cash book, 30 July 1949 – 21 August 1949 including details of all expenses not only food and itemised under person to whom paid.
  9. Two large cash books, 1 June 1951 – 26 August 1951 and
  10. 27 August 1951 – 24 October 1951 analysed in great detail daily in items and costs of food and every necessity for the house including building repairs etc.
  11. 121 bills of cash purchases from different shops in Simla.


Rawding Papers: Box 4

Given by Major Rawding

  1. Three guide books to Sikkim, published in Gangtok:
    1. Sikkim: a concise chronicle. n.d. but after 1963
    2. Sikkim: facts and figures, 1963.
    3. Sikkim Coronation (Coronation of Chogyal Palden Thondup Namgyal) 1965.
  2. Bulletin of Tibetology, Vol. VIII, No. 2, 1971. Gangtok. Guide Book to Sarnath.
  3. Guide books and pamphlets for India general; Delhi, Udaipur, The Madurai Temple, Jaipur, The Fort at Jhansi, Panaji, Goa, South India Hill Resorts, Himalayan Holiday. Map of Bombay and postcards.
  4. Illustrated Weekly of India, for December 23, 1973 and December 30, 1973 with features on Holy Ganges and Christian Saints of India.


Rawding Papers: Box 3

Given by Major Rawding


Rawding Papers: Box 2

Nineteenth and twentieth century text-books written for public instruction.

Rawding Papers: Box 1

Material collected in India by Major F.W. Rawding, 1973, for the Archive with a grant from the Smuts Memorial Trust Fund.

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