Mansfield Papers: Box 9

Xerox copies of part of a scrap book kept by Mrs. Mansfield consisting of newspaper cuttings, etc. from the time of her wedding to Mr. P.T. Mansfield in 1922, to his obituary notice in 1979. There is also an account of the Bihar earthquake in 1934 by Mrs. Mansfield.

Mansfield Papers: Box 8

Printed material

  1. Orissa Review (State Silver Jubilee Special) 1 April 1961. Edited by S.C. Ghosh and R.P. Sinha. Home (Public relations) Dept. Bhudaneswar.
  2. A concise history of the ‘Bihar Light Horse’, by Ferrers A.C. Munns, November 1958.
  3. a-d Four copies of newspaper New Orissa Vol.X No.76, 79, 84, 87. 12 to August, 1 September, 6 September, 10 September 1942 containing a continuing article on Orissa by ‘Anon’ – P.T. Mansfield together with a letter from the editor S.B. Rath, enclosing cuttings, and a pencil note by P.T.M.
  4. The story of a village in Bihar by P.T.M. Commissioner Tirhut. lp. n.d.
  5. a&b Two copies of pamphlet ‘Rent settlement’ being a note on the results of two different methods of rent settlement adopted in different districts of Bihar and Orissa by P.T.M. 14 July 1933. 21pp.
  6. ‘The place of the Civil Services in Public Administration’, by P.T. Mansfield. Cuttack, December 29, 1958.
  7. Annual Report on the work of the Department of Land Records and Surveys, Bihar and Orissa, for the year ending September 30, 1929.
  8. Programme of Arrival and the Ceremony on the occasion of the assumption of the Office of Governor of Orissa, by His Excellency Sir John Austen Hubback, Wednesday, 1 April 1936.
  9. Welcome poem to Sir John Hubback by Chandra Selchar Das, 1 April 1936.
  10. Pages 1 and 2 of the New Orissa Supplement Inauguration number 1 April 1936 with photographs of the individuals concerned in the new province.
  11. TS of a paper by P.T.M. given at a Town and Country Planning dinner in 1946, contrasting the idea and practice of planning in India and England, and the Indian and English character. An introduction to the paper was written in 1974. 10 + 2pp.
  12. A note by P.T.M. of changes noticed in Ranchi on return visit 1968.
  13. 1934 The Statesman: Record of the Great Indian earthquake. A magazine with photographs and. articles, published to help earthquake relief at 6 annas. Articles describe the extent and result of the devastation.

Mansfield Papers: Box 7

Miscellaneous articles

  1. Reminiscences of his life, family background and ancestry (not pertaining to India).
  2. Two appreciative memoirs of A.M. Kilby, Headmaster of Lindisfarne Preparatory School, Blackheath.
  3. Letter from Shahid Ismail, Electrical Engineer in Amman, Jordan, to Mansfield 1956. Britain’s bombardment of Egypt, (not pertaining to India).
  4. Original draft of first part of book regarding Orissa, its history, geography, tribes, communications, services and government.
  5. Detailed notes on settlement work for possible book on his life in India. The beginning of Survey Settlement in Orissa. The work of A.R. Toplis as Settlement Officer of Orissa.
  6. More notes for book. Settlement and I.C.S. in general.
  7. Argument for the British Raj.
  8. Notes on engaging characteristics of the Indians, his bearer, driver and deputy magistrate. 1968.
  9. From his Tour diary 14 January 1934. The Bihar Earthquake.
  10. From his Tour diary 7 December 1924. Chandbali, Kayangola.
  11. Accident on a tiger hunt.
  12. Summary of letters from Orissa 1923.
  13. Letter from Souvendra Kumar Das (Bearer?) to Mansfield on the subject of his dogs, garden plants and appointment of a cook 24 October 1924.
  14. Confidential notes to Mr. Wood. Personnel in the Secretariat and the necessity to encourage the permanent officials to speak with complete candour in order to maintain the stability and morale of the services. Personnel for cold weather postings. n.d. (possibly 1938).
  15. Extract from the Tour Diary of the Settlement Officer of Chota Nagpur, January 1931. Murder of a wealthy Zemindar.
  16. Conversation between Congress and non-Congress people on the subject of the Orissa Secretariat particularly pertaining to Mansfield.
  17. From Tour Diary, January 15/20 1934. Bihar Earthquake (three copies) when Mansfield was Collector at Bhagalpur.
  18. A Routine Note to the Chief Secretary from Mansfield requesting permission to take a copy of his earthquake report and asking whether Government would have any objection if a magazine wished to publish it. Acknowledged and approved by Chief Sec. February 1935.
  19. Foreword to a possible book of his edited letters. Referring to the work and influence of L.E.B. Cobden Ramsay in Bihar and Orissa. 1968.
  20. 25 Letters from P.T. Mansfield’s wife, to his parents, 7 January 1923 30 November 1932. Personal, home, health, social life, children, servants. Comments on Travel Allowance; Oriya characteristics; Indians and English; Girl Guides; loneliness; Lord Irvin.
  21. 1958-59 Tour with wife and daughter.
  22. ‘Britain and India’ personal notes probably written after 1940. How some British take delight in Hindu-Moslem disunity. The line, he feels should be taken by the Government towards India after the War. India’s defences. The Government of India out of touch with the real India.
  23. Part of a letter from France, n.d. (not pertaining to India).
  24. Notes on re-reading his letters of 40 years back. 1960.
  25. Copy of message sent to the newspaper, New Orissa when the state became a separate province. 1926.
  26. (Transferred)
  27. Notes of Court cases – Barh 1919.
  28. Notes on re-reading his 1919 letters home.
  29. Various unidentified papers.

Mansfield Papers: Box 6

MS unedited letters, unbound, 8 August 1929 – 17 March 1934, 8 October 1936. 572pp.

(In reference to previous iterations of the handlist, this box will be referred to as Box 4 in citations prior to 2019)

Mansfield Papers: Box 5

MS unedited letters, unbound, 2 January 1927 – 31 July 1929. 877pp.

(In reference to previous iterations of the handlist, this box will be referred to as Box 3 in citations prior to 2019)

Mansfield Papers: Box 4

  1. TS edited letters, unbound, 5 January – 27 December 1923. 95pp.
  2. MS edited letters, unbound 1 January 1924 – 23 December 1924. 283pp.
  3. MS edited letters, unbound, 4 January 1925 – 2 February 1925, 12 November 1926 – 28 December 1926. 316pp.

(In reference to previous iterations of the handlist, this box will be referred to as Box 2 in citations prior to 2019)

Mansfield Papers: Box 3

  1. TS copy of edited letters, 6 May 1923 – 27 December 1923.
  2. A second copy.
  3. Original unedited letter 16 May 1921. (TS edited version in Box I Vol.4).
  4. Original unedited letter 6 September 1921. (Not in TS edited version)
  5. Page of original letter 27 September 1921.
  6. Note.
  7. Two random pages.

(In previous iterations of the handlist, this was referred to as Box 1C, which might appear in citations prior to 2019)

Mansfield Papers: Box 2

Original and unedited copies of letters used in Box 1:

  1. Original unedited MS letters 25 September 1917 – 27 December 1917.
  2. TS edited copies of same
  3. Original unedited MS letters 7 January 1918 – 12 October 1918.
  4. Original unedited MS letters 14 October 1918 – 31 December 1918.
  5. TS edited copies of letters 7 January 1918 – 12 October 1918.

Mansfield Papers: Box 1

Letters by Mansfield from Bihar and Orissa, home to England. The letters were typed 1969-71 by Mansfield from the originals and the purely personal parts were removed. I have seen the originals which are in the possession of Mansfield; all through his interest in cooperatives is apparent.


  1. Volume 1: Letters home, November 1915 – March 1917.
  2. Volume 2, 1919-20: contains a foreword explaining I.C.S. in general and giving an outline of the government of Feudatory States. Appointed October 1919 as Additional Political Agent, Orissa Feudatory States; the Political Agent was Cobden Ramsay.  1919-20 Sambalpur and Bonai State. Touring, mentions Jallianwalla Bagh; dacoity, description of cases and methods of dealing with it; Bhuya tribe; Lord Ronaldshay; mining prospects; Montagu’s Reform Bill ? attitude of The Statesman; consequences of the Chief of Bamra’s death; visit to Bamra; inspection of the palace and contents including treasury, as Political Agent takes responsibility in the new Chief’s minority; free labour; installation of Chief of Gangpur; Bhuyias; finance of the state – Khandpara; Nayagaon State – forests; I.C.S. pay, daily domestic life and difficulties; bill against Kamias; report on Jallianwalla Bagh; leave in Ranchi.
  3. Volume 3; 1920-21: Comment on Calcutta in 1920 and first day of non-cooperation. Baripada, Mayurbhanj. Visit Maharaja; description; verify the treasury and hand over to Maharaja; inspection; Durbar; Indian Christian village at Chahala; prices; touring small chieftainships by river – Sohagpur, Athmallik, Kentila, Tigiria; receptions; schools; visiting the Rani; presents; detailed description of tour of inspection; new Ford car; hunting man-eating tigers; discover servants have been stealing during tour; leave cancelled; the reform scheme is practically in force and elections over; details of Christmas camp; trying to get leave; hearing several cases of dacoity; passes examination in Uria; Lord Sinha’s circular on non-cooperation causes discussion; census of whole of India; transferred from Barb. to Sitamarhi.
  4. Volume 4, 1921-22: Subdivision Mag. Bihar Sitamarhi and Muzaffarpur District. Gandhi and non-cooperation movement; effect, manifestations, and consequences; indigo plantation; wages and strikes; Pusa, experimental station; cooperative conference at Sitamarhi; cooperative societies at Muzaffapur compared with Barh; detailed accounts of various types of cases tries and pending, Indian mentality, attitudes, etc.; touring as magistrate; comment on education, and non-cooperation; formation of ‘publicity committee’ to correct false information; Majorgah – remains of old indigo factory; indigo picking up; anti-liquor campaigns; planters, and Bihar Light Horse; interview between Gandhi and Lord Reading – consequences; Gandhi’s attitude towards Government; daily occurrences; visit of Prince of Wales – arrangements etc; Sonepur fair – elephants, horses, cattle; effect of sentence on Ali brothers; manifestations of non-cooperation, and attitudes towards it; managers and tenants in indigo factories; commutation of rent; anti-non-cooperation meetings in villages; Criminal Law Amendment Act in Bihar and Orissa on 10 December 1921 and results; Prince of Wales visit to Patna, December 1921; cooperatives in Bihar and Orissa; R.C. mission station at Marpa; incidents regarding Swaraj; Gorakhpur incident; personal comments on Government and personalities; Gandhi’s arrest March 1922.

A detailed handlist of the letters is with the collection.