Mainprice Papers: Box 6

Large collection of articles, research papers, commentaries and notes on conflict and politics in Kashmir and Gilgit, 1947-1949.

Mainprice Papers: Box 5

Travel diaries.

Donated by F.P. Mainprice

Mainprice Papers: Box 4

Donated by F.P. Mainprice

Assorted papers, articles and research notes, mostly on Kashmir and the conflict between India and Pakistan:

Mainprice Papers: Box 3

Extracts from diaries, tour notes, letters, etc.

Mainprice Papers: Box 2

Diaries and tour notes, 1940-1949.

Mainprice Papers: Box 1

Mss. Diaries.

  1. 1936 August 13 – September 29. Details of a seven-week trip to Munich for a study course with excursions and some discussion of local politics
  2. 1938 October 14 – November 20. Diaries and letters giving details of a driving expedition from Istanbul to Nishapur, Iran, en route to India. Along the way Mainprice and party visit the Green Mosque at Bursa, Inegöl, Sultaniye, Hatay, Antioch, Tripoli, Khossrovi, Nishapur.
  3. 1938 November 21 – 1939 January 14. Diaries in two parts, detailing the journey from Nishapur to Loralai [Bori] and from Loralai to Amraoti [Amravati]. Daily details of early career in the ICS.
  4. 1939 January 15 – October 9, October 30 – December 31.