Lorimer Papers: Box 6

  1. Xeroxed copies of Dutch ships ledger. Stores taken on board ship sailing to Far East from Holland 1695, 1706, 1708, 1712, 1736. 13 ff.
  2. Correspondence – largely letters to and from family members, occasional business correspondence.
  3. Envelope containing:
    1. Photocopy TS of ‘Memoir of James Wyld of Gilston and his family. Also of Robert Stodart’, by Robert Stodart Wyld, 1889.
    2. Career record of Joseph Boardman Clark, giving details of various postings, mostly in Burma (Myanmar), 1925-1951.
    3. Steel Brothers and Company Limited, Memorandum and Articles of Association, London, 1929.
    4. Typescript translation of a letter, dated Cochin 10 Jan 1580, to a Signor Adelgais in Portugal, describing the writer’s voyage from Lisbon to Goa and Cochin where he was engaged in the spice trade, and giving detailed impressions of 16th century India.
    5. The Lorimers: A family of the arts in Fife. Catalogue for an exhibition for the 1983 St Andrews Festival, presented by the Crawford Centre for the Arts. 52pp.
    6. Letter from Augustus Prinsep (?) to W.B. Bayley, Governor General, regarding the treatment of opium. 20 March 1828.

Lorimer Papers: Box 5

  1. Correspondence relating to applications made by W. Wyld for benefits after retirement from Indian Army covering 1858-1868. ff 1-34.
  2. Marching routes, mileage and descriptions near Lahore, Wuzeerabad, 1850-1852. Report on Lieutenant Wyld. Army commission. ff 35-42.
  3. Telegraphs to Sir John Lawrence and others on troop movements and reports on the military engagements 1858. Notes and correspondence to Wyld in Delhi 1857 from several towns in Punjab. Translation of a letter from several Subhadars in Umballa to others in Delhi giving details of troop movements with a letter of reply. Letters from his brother, Tom Wyld. ff 43-82.
  4. Letters to Mrs Wyld – (probably 1857). ff 83-88.
  5. 1856-1857. Letters from Meerut, Umballa, Cawnpore. Troop movements, personal receipts, several comments on the mutiny. Obituary notice of William Wyld n.d. Other letters of 1867, 1884. Major W. Wyld’s Journal, hand written copy written in letter form to Robert, probably his nephew, recounts his life in India in some detail in Cawnpore in 1836, Kurnaul in 1737 with 4th Light Cavalry, Simla in 1839 for health reasons, with Lord Auckland to Lahore and Runjeet Singh in 1840. ff 89-133.
  6. Two genealogies of Wyld and Lorimer Families. Letter from Lady Layard to Viscountess Duncannon 18 November, 1905. Description of her arrival in Bombay and journey to Abbottabad. ff 134-50.

Lorimer Papers: Box 4

Correspondence, memoranda, proclamations and telegrams 1850-1858 (but mainly 1858) covering the time when Wyld was Assistant Military Secretary to Sir John Lawrence.

They refer to the various arsenals and ammunition requirements, troop movements and general army matters from many towns involved in mutiny engagements throughout the Punjab. Also included in the collection are: (1) papers dealing with Wyld’s financial situation and retirement pension; (2) price list taken from the Punjab Government Gazette during the famine of 1861; (3) letters of commendation on Wyld; (4) the Umballa Crime Report for 1861. 285 ff.

Lorimer Papers: Box 3

Envelope 1:

  1. A typescript copy of a memoir entitled “Exit from Burma” written by Mr Lorimer in 1942 originally for the Eastern Army. 70 ff.

Envelope 2:

  1. Copy of letter from Edgar Jennings, District Superintendent of Police, Thaton, Camp Mandalay to Assistant Inspector General of Police, Burma. n.d. 5 ff.
  2. “Burma Exodus” January-June 1942. Compiled from a diary and notebook kept by H.P. West, a member of Steel Brothers staff. 15 ff.
  3. Note on Tamu route into India by E.S. Pinfold dated Lanywa 29 November, 1942. 2 ff.
  4. Part of The Illustrated Weekly of India 21 June, 1942. 6 ff. Includes a long article on the flight from Burma.

Lorimer Papers: Box 2

  1. Sketches, maps and other items to be included in proposed book “East India Saga”. 34 ff.
  2. Form of Prayer and Thanksgiving to commemorate peace in all churches and chapels in the Indian dioceses, 28 July, 1859. 3 ff.
  3. Register of graves in the mission, Tiretta, North and South Cemeteries in Park Street, Calcutta. Printed at the Jobbing Press in 1900. Also various notes by the donor on possible relations, and Plan of the Old and Disused Burial Grounds in South Calcutta.
  4. The Ceylon Gazetteer. Published by Simon Casie Chitty, Modhar 1834. Also newspaper cutting n.d. containing letter on the name Sri Lanka.
  5. Copy of The Nation, Rangoon 23 April, 1959.
  6. Copy of Arms Licence, Form No. XVI, issued by the Government of Burma, 1938.
  7. Record of R.R. Stodart’s Coffee Planting in Ceylon 1862-1948 (with a note by Mr Lorimer dated 1976).
  8. Bengal Atlas. Published by order of the East India Company, by James Rennell, 1781. 55 pp.; 21 maps; frontispiece.
  9. Notices of old merchants and other firms in Burma collected by Mr Lorimer in 1938 from “Recollections and Reflections” by Malcus Agabeg. 41 ff.

Lorimer Papers: Box 1

Manuscript of Mr Lorimer’s proposed book entitled “East India Saga a Family Story 1732-1944” written in 1968. 507 ff.

Chapters 1-17 give details of the Lorimer family and their connections with India.

Chapters 18-21 give details of Christopher Lorimer’s work and life with Steel Brothers in London, Burma and Bengal.

Chapter 20 – Diary from December 1941 – March 1942 covers the Japanese invasion into Burma and the evacuation.