Hume Papers: Box 10

Donated by Mrs Lee-Warner.

  1. Collection of letters, copies of letters, cuttings etc.
  2. Scrapbook of newspaper cuttings collected by Clara E. Hume,wife of Colonel. A.H.B. Hume. 1929-1947.
  3. Collection of newspaper cuttings ? 1933-35, Morning Post etc., mostly about terrorism.
  4. Two letters from Superintendent of Police, Saharanpur, U.P.
  5. To A.P.H. about guard on Bungalow etc. 21.10.1931. TS
  6. To Dunne saying he is posting an armed guard night and day on bungalow after Roorkii incident, and telling him to take care. Marked Confidential and in MS.
  7. TS description of trek up the Sindh Valley written 8 October 1942 by Mrs.A.P. Hume.
  8. 3 letters of appreciation from E.M. Jenks. 1940.
  9. Letter of appreciation of work for Delhi Improvement Trust from Lord Linlithgow. 24 June 1941.
  10. Letter and Resolution from New Delhi Municipal Committee, 27 May 1941, expressing appreciation of work for the city.
  11. Pencil draft of A.P.H.’s letter of acknowledgement to the Viceroy.
  12. Letter from Gilbert Laithwaite acknowledging A.P.H.’s letter to the Viceroy.
  13. Copy of Notification of empowerment to take over as District Magistrate in New Delhi, 21 February 1943.
  14. Letter from Chief Commissioner, A.V. Askwith, Delhi to A.P.H., thanking him for taking over internal security work in New Delhi during the security officer’s illness. Mentions Gandhi. 27 February 1943.
  15. Programme of the Investiture at Government House, Allahabad by His Excellency Sir Frances Wylie, Governor, United Provinces, Saturday, 2 February 1946, at which A.P. Hume received the C.I.E., and others received various awards including Khan and Rai Bahadur, etc. A short citation follows each name.
  16. Formal letter from the Secretary to the Governor of the United Provinces conferring C.I.E. on A.P.H. December 30, 1946.
  17. Warrant from the King granting C.I.E.
  18. Letter of acknowledgement by A.P.H.
  19. Printed Memorandum and Supplement of Information as to the Wearing of Insignia of the Orders of the Star of India and the Indian Empire and of Medals, by civilian members of those orders and holders of medals. 8pp. (+ Duplicate of one supplement).
  20. 3 Newspaper cuttings: On Delhi Improvement Trust and Town Planning. The Statesman March 11, 13, 20, 1937.
  21. Newspaper cuttings from envelope marked ‘General interest`.
  22. Statesman 2 April 1938. Article: The passing of the Delhi Club: historic occasion in Ludlow Castle: on reverse article on retirement of Mr. R.C. Morgan of Messrs. Sandersons & Morgans of Calcutta:
  23. Undated unnamed cutting on retirement of Sir James Scott Pitkeathly, Deputy Director-General of Supply and Chief Controller of Indian Stares Department.
  24. The Times 11 April 1957. Obituary of Lord Hunter, who had been Chairman of the special committee appointed to inquire into the shooting at Amritsar in 1919.& Two articles: shoeing horses and sporting hints.
  25. Newspaper cuttings (all 1935) from envelope marked ‘Delhi 1935’.
  26. Statesman 12 March on A.P. Hume’s appointment as Deputy Commissioner.
  27. Statesman 20 September on Delhi Water Wastage.
  28. Hindustan Times 20 September on Opposition to increase in Water rate in Delhi.
  29. Hindustan Times 24 September on Farewell party to A.P.H.
  30. Statesman 27 September. On Farewell luncheon to A.P.H. in Delhi.
  31. The Times n.d. Notification of A.P.H.’s appointment as Chairman of Delhi Improvement Trust.
  32. Letter from Philip Mason with circular which he sent out to members of the Indian Civil Service (Retired) Association asking for help in compilation of book on ICS (later known as The Men Who Ruled India),under the pseudonym Philip Woodruff.
  33. Copy of Resolution passed at a meeting of the Notified Area Committee, Delhi, 7 September, 1935 in appreciation of work of A.P. Hume.
  34. Copy of Resolution passed at a meeting of the Delhi Municipal Committee on 19 September 1935 in appreciation of work of A.P. Hume.
  35. Letters of acknowledgement, requests for help, thanks etc. to Mr. A.P. Hume from Balrampur State.
  36. TS address given in honour of Mr. and Miss Hume on the occasion of Mr. Hume’s departure from the post of Assistant Manager, Balrampur State, to become District Commissioner, New Delhi.
  37. Copy of paragraph 24 of Court’s order 16 May 1935 about success of Mr. Hume as Special Nanager, Court of Wards Estate, Balrampur.
  38. 5 similar letters of farewell and requests.
  39. TS draft of a letter from A.P. Hume seeking a job in the Conservative party, after resigning from the ICS due to Government’s policy towards India.
  40. 10 letters of farewell and requests etc. January-May 1935.
  41. Correspondence about A.P. Hume’s transfer from Balrampur to Delhi, January 1935.
  42. Invitation card from India Defence League, 1933.MS list of A.P. Hume’s relatives connected with India. MS sheet ‘Some Thoughts’ in A.P. Hume’s writing, about the handover in 1947.
  43. Letters, aerographs, and.telegrams written from India mostly from A.P. Hume to his parents, sister and wife in England during the years 1929-1945. Most cover the war years 1940-45. They are personal, but there is a considerable amount of discussion of political and social trends and events in the years covered. (100 sheets).

Hume Papers: Box 9

Donated by Mrs Lee-Warner.

  1. Service sheet of the Memorial Service for King George V held in New Delhi, January 1936.
  2. Copy of a letter from Lord Linlithgow to Hume expressing thanks for services in Delhi Improvement Trust, and also from E.M. Jenkins the Chief Commissioner.
  3. Record of a trip to Kashmir, September-October 1943. TS. 27 pp.
  4. Curriculum vitae of A.P. Hume, C.I.E. 1921-1947.
  5. Confidential report: Punjab and Frontier Association of European Government Servants. President’s annual report … 1932-33.
  6. Pamphlet of examinations of I.C.S. probationers, 1926.
  7. Administration report of the Delhi Improvement Trust for the years 1937-39, New Delhi 1940.
  8. Administration report of the Delhi Improvement Trust for the years 1939-41. New Delhi, 1942. (2 copies)
  9. Delhi Improvement Trust, T/3. Delhi Ajmeri Gate slum clearance and development scheme. April 1941.
  10. Statutory Rules and Orders, 1924, No. 1395. India (as modified up to 15 July 1926.) The superior civil services rules 1924.
  11. ‘Rent and revenue problems’, by A.A. Waugh, 30 August 1934.

Hume Papers: Box 8

Donated by Mrs lee-Warner.

  1. Diaries of A.H.B., hume, 1893, 1920-1945, 1953-1957
  2. Diary of A.P. Hume (aged 12), 1917

Hume Papers: Box 7

Donated by Mrs Lee-Warner.

  1. List of officers in the survey of India, corrected to 1 July 1902. Government Printer, Calcutta, 1902.
  2. Standing Orders for the Royal Engineers in India. Adjutant General in India,Simla 1909. Government Printer, Calcutta, 1909. (with amendments).
  3. Corrections to the Standing Orders for the Royal Engineers in India. Lists Nos. 1-3.
  4. Reprint from The Royal Engineers Journal, 1933.
  5. Extracts from the Pioneer 13 February 1911; 18 and 19 February 1912. Articles on India.
  6. Poster entitled ‘The cultivator stands at the cross roads.’
  7. Correspondence relating to the Black Mountain Tribes, 1915-16.
  8. Laudatory Poem.
  9. Invitation to join mess.
  10. Miscellaneous printed papers relating to the Balloon Section in India from 1892 to the demolition of the balloon shed at Aldershot in 1963.
  11. Synopsis of lecture on aeronautics by Major B. Baden-Powell. Royal Naval War College, 1910.
  12. Survey of India reunion. Bulletin. 1955.
  13. Survey of India, conditions of service, 1904.
  14. An account of the scientific work of the Survey of India; prepared for the use of the Survey Committee, 1905.
  15. Letters received from soldiers after the publication of a letter by Colonel Hume in the Daily Mail, 18 July 1950, regarding the Balloon Section.
  16. The Rattle Vol. II, No. 2 Shanghai, January 1901.
  17. G.O.C.C. 465 dated 15 June 1903.
  18. War Service of officers serving is North China in 1900 to be recorded for service.
  19. Rules of the Pekin Military Meeting and assault at arms at Pekin, April 1901.
  20. Diaries of A.H.B. Hume, 1893, 1920-45, 1953-57.
  21. Delhi Guide Map. Scale 3 inches to 1 mile. 1931.
  22. Diary of A.P. Hume aged 12, 1917, in India.

Hume Papers: Box 6

  1. Maps of India, ordinance survey, road maps and others.

Hume Papers: Box 5

  1. ‘Notes on Indian history’, by A.B. Hume, C.I.E., I.C.S. MSS. 180 pp. plus 25pp.
  2. ‘A note on Warren Hastings.’ TS. 2pp.
  3. ‘A Himalayan railway.’ TS. 5pp.
  4. Tour programme for 17 November – 13 December. MSS. 8 pp.
  5. Details of wages and bills paid from February 1930 – February 1931. MSS.
  6. Notes on ability etc. of members of his staff and officials; results of inspections made of Tahsils and districts.
  7. The annual administration report of the Hardwar-Union Municipality for the year ending 31 March 1929. Lucknow, 1929. 44pp.; and for the year ending 31 March 1930. Meerut. 47pp. (2 copies). Annual administrative report of the Roorkee Municipality for the year ending 31 March 1930, Bareilly. 27 pp.
  8. Congress Green Book No. 1 ‘The skeleton at the (jubilee) feast.’

Hume Papers: Box 4

Donated by Mr Lee-Warner

  1. Correspondence relating to the Indian Defence League and the Indian White Paper, covering the period 1931-35. Contains correspondence between Col. Hume and the Indian Empire Society and Lord Fermoy; notes of a meeting of the Junior Imperial League Club with the names of office holders and resolutions passed, 29 March 1933; letter from Sir Samuel Hoare regarding the resolutions passed at the meeting; resolution and protests passed against the Government’s India policy at various meetings and from officers serving in India; correspondence with the Archbishop of Canterbury, Captain H.W. Lance, the Church Missionary Society, International Missionary Council, Indian Empire Society, Col. Waterfield, Lord Fermoy, Col. Seymour, Lord Lymington, Captain A.C. Rippon, A.B.M. Churchill, Sir Samuel Hoare, enclosing a printed letter and pamphlet on pensions for officers serving in India; Louis Stuart, Sir Francis Younghusband, H? Lawrence, the Editor of the Morning Post, H.R. Warner, Lord Wolmer. 89 letters.
  2. The Indian Review, vol. 34, no.5, 1933
  3. MS notes on India made for a talk to the Rotary Club; includes an extract on Constitutional reform by an Indian member of the Bengal Legislative Council Conference, August 1930; an offprint from an article in the Daily Mail l7 April 1933, ‘India and the lesson of Ceylon’.
  4. Pamphlet entitled ‘Civil appointments in India and Burma’. Gives conditions of service, etc. in Indian civil and political service and Indian Police and Frontier Service in Burma, 1945.
  5. Indian Civil Service Commission. Examination papers for 1915-17, 1922; syllabus of the examination for 1925; syllabus and some examination papers for 1926.
  6. Various other examination papers and papers connected with the Civil Service Commission, 1925-26.

Hume Papers: Box 3

Donated by Mrs Lee-Warner.

  1. Miscellaneous pamphlets published by the India Defence League and the Indian Empire Society.

Hume Papers: Box 2

Donated by Mrs Lee-Warner.

  1. Miscellaneous pamphlets published by the India Defence League and the Indian Empire Society.

Hume Papers: Box 1

Donated by Mrs Lee-Warner.

  1. Nine diaries 1888-1919 belonging to Colonel A.H.B. Hume, Royal Engineers.
  2. Photographs of St. Mary’s Church Lansdowne, N.W.F.P., designed by Hume (then Lt.) in 1895.