Heaney Papers: Box 8

  1. Memoir: written by Magda Hammersley-Smith: ‘A great grandmother remembers’. Written in 1970. 234pp., photographs; 5pp appendix. A very lively account of life in India by Mrs. G.F. Heaney’s mother who lived in India as an Army wife from 1908-13, and on the N.W.F.P. and Kashmir from 1920-23 and from 1927-29. A perceptive, sensitive and humourous account of life in India in the context of her life and family.
  2. Letters from Mrs. G.F. Heaney to her parents in England, 1931-32, 1937-38, when she and her small son accompanied her husband on Survey work. From Burma, Nagpur C.P., in camp and on tour in remote areas. 20pp.
  3. Letters written from Mrs. G.H. Heaney to her husband from Gulmarg and Trunkhal, Kashmir, 18 July 1942 – 12 Agust 1942, when camping and climbing with her children. Details of daily life, camping, marching, flowers, country, etc. 36pp.

Heaney Papers: Box 7

  1. Xerox copy of a memoir by Brigadier G.F. Heaney: ‘The Winding Trail’. A detailed memoir of life and work in the Survey of India and Naga Hills. Descriptions of the survey work, and the country and people encountered. Also Calcutta between 1934-36 and the German Community; war-time Calcutta – Surveying in Iraq and Persia during the war Riots and massacres after 1947 – Delhi in and after 1947. Post-Independence India, and Surveyor General 1948-51. 342pp., 9 maps.

Heaney Papers: Box 6

  1. Folder: ‘India: descriptive and historical’.
  2. Folder containing draft stories, not published.
  3. Folder: First attempt, book on Burma and draft articles.
  4. Folder: Letters to The Times and Reviews. Letters on the Height of Everest: review Historical Records of the Survey of India, Vol. III 1815-30. Two poems. 13pp.

Heaney Papers: Box 5

  1. Scrapbook of newspaper and other articles from the Indian State Railways Magazine, on the people of Assam and Burma, on the work of the Survey, on Air Survey in India, Map Production, etc. by G.F. Heaney, under pseudonym of Surf field. 1930-36.
  2. ‘Newspaper cutting book’ As above 1936-51. Including text of broadcasts on the External Services of All India Radio; ‘From a Surveyor’s Diary’ by Brigadier G.F. Heaney, published in ‘The Military Engineer’s Journal’, n.d.
  3. Survey of India: Map Catalogue. Corrected up to 1 May 1951. Published under the direction of Brigadier G.F. Heaney, C.B.E.; F.R.I.C.S., Surveyor General of India, 1950. Printed at the Map Publication Office, Survey of India, Hathibarkala, Dehra Dun.

Heaney Papers: Box 4

  1. ‘Through historic India by car’. TS account of journey made by car from Delhi to Firozabad, Agra, Fatehpur Sikri, Bharatpur, Jaipur, Amber, Ajmer, Udaipur. Illustrated with photographs. 33pp. 38 photos (bound).
  2. ‘A tour in Thayetmyo District’. November 1929. TS account illustrated with photographs, of a tour by car. 23pp. 17 photos (bound).
  3. ‘Journeys late 1929 and early 1930’: Banmauk to Vyu, etc. TS account illustrated with photographs and map. 29pp. 33 photos; map(bound).
  4. ‘Through the Southern Shan States’: Summer 1930 TS account illustrated with photographs. llpp.12 photos (bound).
  5. File: ‘Chindwin material’
  6. File: ‘Papers on the Ali Ahmed case (1931)’
  7. TS article: ‘Attempted Murder’ by Surfield. 16pp.

Heaney Papers: Boxes 2 and 3

  1. Historical records of the Survey of India. Vols. I-IV Dehra Dun, 1945-58.

Heaney Papers: Box 1

  1. TS account of a tiger shoot in North Bengal, near Ramshai, Jalpaiguri District, 1924, with F.W. Strong I.C.S., officiating Commissioner of division in which Ramshai is situated.
  2. Xerox copies of two MSS letters from Heaney to his mother and stepfather about the attempted assassination on him by Ali Ahmed, 24 and 30 April 1931.
  3. Xerox copy of report of the attempted murder by Ali Ahmed on Captain G.F. Heaney, R.E. Officer in charge, No. 10 Party, Survey of India, Homalin, Burma Circle. April 1931. 7 pp.
  4. Copy of a letter from Heaney to his stepfather while on a trip up the Chindwin to Homalin by launch; refers to possibility of Class 7 officers being retired; economic outlook for India and Burma; 6 January 1932.
  5. Article written by Heaney called ‘Attempted murder’ by “Surfield” (his pseudonym). Xerox copy.
  6. Xerox copy of judgement in the Court of the District Magistrate, Upper Chindwin, dated 17 April 1931. Criminal Regular Trial No. 5 of 1931. Emperor v: Ahmed. Charge under section 307, Indian Penal Code.
  7. Xerox copies of a collection of sketches and articles written by Heaney. The originals are typescript, bound and illustrated by his own photographs. As mentioned in the Preface, the period is 1929-30 and 1930-31. The articles deal with places and characters encountered by Heaney when he was Survey Officer in Burma, dealing with the country and people, not politics.